Food for Thought for the Homeless – Xmas Outing

‘Tis time to rev up the motor a little as 2017 begins to nip at my heels. After a decadent couple of weeks of feasting and sprawling about, like a lazy cat, and then disappearing into my studio for some well needed downtime with the paints, I’m beginning to remember the very fast-paced stimulating 4 months that had preceded this glorious hiatus.

I’ll spare you every bit and detail, but would like to especially spotlight the latest FOOD FOR THOUGHT FOR THE HOMELESS outing that took place on Dec. 21st and Dec. 22nd, 2016.

People never cease to amaze me! Once again, this project was an eye opening and touching experience for myself. I feel lucky to be in the midst of this initiative and to witness the generosity and spirit of giving that so many people have to offer. It’s truly remarkable! And seeing the different realities and worlds meet and be moved by each other is a gift all on its own.



This past December the businesses that got on board with contributing towards the food/care packages included Copper Branch, Boulangerie Patisserie L’Artisan, Supermarché PA and once again Duc de Lorraine and Vivaldi Sac.

Prep Time

Since February 2016, a multitude of individuals have made it possible to keep the FOOD FOR THOUGHT FOR THE HOMELESS initiative alive and continuing. This December we were able to amass 25 very ‘full to the brim’ backpacks, each valued at a little over $75. We also handed out some winter jackets for women. Below are photos of the prep that went into putting these food/care packages together:


Hitting The Streets

Next we hit the streets and drove around looking to see whose path we would cross. There is a randomness to the approach in which we distribute the packages. Much organizing, delegating, accommodating and general juggling happen beforehand, however once we’re on the street we let chance lead the way. There are always special moments that await. Guaranteed!

Here are some photos from the 2nd day, just to give you a little taste:


Grazie Mille (December 2016)

I want to thank all the amazing people who generously and enthusiastically assisted in making this FOOD FOR THOUGHT FOR THE HOMELESS Xmas outing possible. Sending you all much love and gratitude!!

Financial and Item Donations:
Boulangerie Patisserie L’Artisan
Copper Branch
Duc de Lorraine
Supermarché PA
Vivaldi Sac
Vinesh Foundation
Sylvain Lauzon L’Aventurier
Papy Bakayoko
Mireille Chalifour
Matt Evans
Naeco Farah
Gillian Knightley
Donna Foster-Larocque
Jona Pelovska
JF Prieur
Simon Prieur
Roger Sinha
Bella Sorensen
Marcos Sorensen
Miguel Sorensen
Victoria Sorensen
Costa Sztrikacs
Marie-Grace Tossounian
Peter Tucker
Anna Walker

Jonathan Alix
Kakim Goh
Naeco Farah
Naveen Khan
Elode Lavergne
Roger Sinha
Miguel Sorensen
Victoria Sorensen
Frank Pagnelli
Jona Pelovska
Simon Prieur
Anna Walker
Robert Walker